Diamond Dig sponsored by LE Smith Jewelers

Saturday, August 11th at 7:05 PM | Ladies Night Diamond Dig presented by L.E. Smith Family Jewelers

We've got baseball diamonds and sparkling diamonds at GCS Credit Union Ballpark. The Gateway Grizzlies host their annual Diamond Dig sponsored by L.E. Smith Family Jewelers. Come enjoy some great Grizzlies baseball followed by a chance to walk away with $2,000 worth of diamonds!   

The dig will take place immediatly after the game. 

What's the diamond dig?

The diamond dig will consist of 5,000 easter eggs spread out in the outfield with only THREE eggs with grand prizes in it. All ladies 18 and over with a purchased ticket to the game will proceed to the field and be escorted onto the field. Once everything is ready, a countdown will begin and the women will race out and collect as many eggs as they can hold. The ladies with the three grand prizes will take home the gold...or shall we say diamonds.