The Gateway Grizzlies' MVP Program was designed to award students for exceptional performance in school. MVPs are selected by their teachers and the program is FREE for all schools! 

How it works: every season, teachers at each school select who becomes a Grizzlies MVP based on their desired criteria. For example, some select students who have perfect attendance or straight As and some select those who make the Honor Roll. We provide ticket order forms and each teacher gives them to his or her deserving students.

Each MVP receives two (2) tickets to a Gateway Grizzlies game and parents have the option to purchase additional tickets for family members and friends at a discounted rate! MVPs also receive:

  • A certificate of completion
  • The opportunity to run the bases after the Grizzlies game

This program is completely free for schools, and all ages are welcome from preschool to high school!


If you are affiliated with a school and would like to sign up, please contact Gayle Lymer at 618.337.3000 (ext. 26) or email