Famous Food

GCS Credit Union Ballpark has been the home of the Gateway Grizzlies since 2002 and is known as a great summer location to have affordable, family, fun. 

However, what makes GCS Credit Union Ballpark THE TOP baseball destination is the unique and famous food options that can’t be found anywhere else!

These food items below have been growing in popularity and have even been featured nationally for the last few years! Our ballpark foods have appeared on Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food in 2009, USA Today’s Top Ballpark Food list in 2013, and Sports Illustrated #2 Ballpark Food in 2013! 

The only way to experience our great food first hand is to come out to GCS Credit Union Ballpark.

Baseball’s Best Burger

Enjoy burgers? What about donuts? Here at GCS Credit Union Ballpark, you can get the best of both worlds! Baseball’s Best Burger features a thick hamburger, sandwiched in between a Krispy Kreme donut! The burger also features 2 slices of bacon and sharp cheddar cheese to give it the ultimate punch! The famous burger has been around since 2006 and has been a huge fan favorite over the years.  Baseball's Best Burger can be found at Baseball's Best Grill located next to the Kids Zone at GCS Ballpark.



Baseball’s Best Hot Dogs

The Original

When it comes to hot dogs, GCS Credit Union Ballpark takes it to another level. Baseball’s Best Hot Dog features a juicy, grilled hot dog placed on a soft white bun. The hot dog is then smothered with sauerkraut, grilled onions, two slices of bacon, topped off with a layer of yellow nacho cheese! The best hot dog has been featured at the Ballpark since 2004 and is a great food choice for all fans!  




The New Kids on the Block 

GCS Credit Union is taking Baseball's Best Hot Dog to a different level! The 2019 season we introduce to you The Country Bob's BBQ, Jalapeno, and Fried Wonton Dog! Plot twist, this unique dog isn't your standard treat. Coming in at a whopping 12 inches long, the hot dog is grilled to perfection and placed on a perfectly pairing bun. Next, slathered in our delicious Country Bob's BBQ sauce, topped with jalapeno, and finished off with fried wontons. Trust us, you're going to want to try this! 



Looking for the perfect combination of simple and unpredictable this summer? Head out to a Gateway Grizzlies game and try the new Foot Long Beer-Battered Cheese and Bacon Dog! This exclusive hot dog is a simple, grilled snack that's wrapped in a soft bun. Unpredictable part? Covered with savory beer-battered cheese and bacon, this dog will be your new favorite! Come on, try to name a better duo than cheese and bacon?!




If you think jam only belongs on biscuits...think again! Introducing the last, but definitely not least, newest Baseball's Best Hot Dog addition to GCS Credit Union Ballpark. The Caramelized Onion Jam and Bacon Dog will sure be your favorite! This 12 inch hot dog gives taste buds the flavorful combination of savory and sweet! The juicy, grilled dog is coated with caramelized onion jam and garnished with crispy bacon. There's no doubt this will be a fan favorite! 



Baseball’s Best Nachos

Eating some delicious nachos is the perfect way to top off your Gateway Grizzlies experience. At GCS Credit Union Ballpark, the Grizzlies' kitchen pumps out delicious philly cheesesteak nachos! The nacho chips are topped all the ingredients of a wonderful philly cheesesteak! The best nachos can be bought at Baseball’s Best Grill throughout the entire Grizzlies' season.

Other specialty items: pulled pork nachos, taco nachos, & buffalo chicken nachos.


Baseball Classics

GCS Credit Union Ballpark is known for the best food items. We feature the super dog, which is a way bigger than your regular ballpark hot dogs! We also serve a thick, juicy bratwurst. We boast three different types of burgers to satisfy all fans: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and bacon cheeseburgers. 

Another fan favorite is our Country Bob’s Chicken Sandwich. This delectable combo is comprised of a grilled chicken breast, sharp cheddar, and two slices of bacon all smothered in Country Bob’s famous BBQ sauce.

We also offer regular nachos, popcorn, pizza, and Bobby’s Frozen Custard.