The Gateway Grizzlies Department of Marketing and Communications maintains an extensive photo library.  All images in this library are copyright of the Gateway Grizzlies and Action Imaging Photography. To use any photograph in the library, users must agree to the following terms of usage:

  • Images on this site are for non-commercial use only by fans and for fan interaction, and the media for non-commercial use. If you want to use a photo for commercial use, contact
  • All images must be credited to Gateway Grizzlies.
  • Users may make minor cropping adjustments, but substantial alterations may be made only with the permission of Marketing and Communications.
  • The user agrees to be responsible for any claims or liability arising from copyright infringement or unauthorized use of material that may arise in a photo's reproduction or use. 

By purchasing a ticket or attending an event at GCS Ballpark, your consent is given to use appropriate images of the event or game in further marketing or promotional material. The direct use of an individuals face or name is strictly prohibited and not included in this policy. Furthermore, the Gateway Grizzlies reserve the right to manipulate any and all photos taken within the event grounds.

Paul Baillargeon is the official photographer of the Gateway Grizzlies.

If you would like to view and/or purchase season, event, or order other personal photos,

please contact Paul, at or call 618.719.6200


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